Hazardous ARea Compliance

Redrawn engineers have extensive experience working across a number of Hazardous Area compliance projects

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Key Hazardous Area Skills:

  • Hazardous Area Classification:
    • Definition of hazardous gas atmospheres.
    • Definition of hazardous dust atmospheres.
    • HA Classification Report
    • HA Layout Drawings
  • Inspection:
    • Visual Instrument Inspections.
    • Detailed Instrument Inspections.
    • 4 Yearly Statutory Instrument Inspections.
    • Hazardous Area Inspection Sheets.
    • Defects Lists.
  • Design:
    • Instrumentation Specification.
    • Design to IECEx, ANZEx and AUSEx equipment certification schemes.
    • ATEX and international installation assessment
    • Conformity Assessment Documents
    • Cable type specification.
    • Cable installation requirements.
    • Construction Scopes of Work.
    • Intrinsically Safe Calculations.
    • Hazardous Area labelling and signage.
  • Procurement:
    • Instrument / Equipment Datasheets.
    • Vendor Quote Arrangement / Assessment.
    • Procurement and delivery of instrumentation.
    • Inspection of receipted goods.
  • Construction:
    • Engagement of installation contractors.
    • Construction supervision.
    • Construction engineering support.
    • Coordination of installation works.
    • Liaise with site operations / maintenance.
    • Test Sheets
    • Hazardous Area Inspection Sign-off
  • Commissioning:
    • Engineering commissioning support.
    • Commissioning plan & documentation.
    • Commissioning of new / replaced equipment.
  • Documentation
    • Hazardous Area Verification Dossiers to comply with AS/NZS 60079.14 requirements.
    • Development of inspection & maintenance schedules.


Gas Regulating Station - Hazardous Area Remediation

Many of the electrical installations at the Horsley Park, Gas Regulating Station had reached end of life. Jemena (site owner / operator) proceeded with a project to replace all LV power distribution, Control Systems, Field Instrumentation, cables and pneumatic control equipment. Redrawn Director James Chervatin was the lead project engineer responsible for coordinating the detailed design team for this project. James was responsible for the checking, guidance and delivery of 1,200 detailed design deliverables, Issued For Construction. Additionally, James wrote the project’s Installation Contractor Construction Scope of Work, Site Commissioning Plan and coordinated automation of the site’s Hazardous Area Dossier, drawings and datasheets.

Project from preliminary design to completed Issued For Construction deliverables

Waste to Energy Plant - Hazardous Area Verification

ACCIONA built Australia’s first, large-scale, Thermal Waste to Energy plant. Redrawn Process Engineer Joshua Thompson was responsible for reviewing the facilities hazardous area classification against relevant Australian Standards, which included making recommendations on ventilation orientation and fuel gas supply equipment location.

Hazardous Area Ventilation Assessment

Bolivar WWTP, Hazardous Area Remediation

Many of the electrical instruments installed at the Bolivar Wastewater Treatment Plant had become non-compliant with the Australian Standards since their original installation. Redrawn director James Chervatin investigated and scoped the required remediation works to achieve hazardous area compliance at the site. The remediation involved extensive brown field investigation of existing control systems and experience creating electrical designs for hazardous areas. James also executed procurement and project management.

Hazardous Area Compliance Assessment & Remediation Scoping

Glenelg WWTP, Hazardous Area Remediation

Redrawn Instrument / Electrical engineer James Chervatin conducted subcontractor management and site supervision of the hazardous area remediation project. Including electrical, fire detection and gas detection subcontractors. Thereafter, responsibilities on this project included the commissioning of the plant evacuation and shutdown system, as well as a variety of hazardous area electrical instrument installations.

Construction Site Supervision

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