Redrawn has been directly engaged by the following companies:

Benefits of Engagement

Redrawn is making it easy for organisations to be inclusive. Redrawn does the hard work internally, we provide on the job support, training, checking, coaching and mentoring for the person developing your deliverables. Your organisation likely has low consequence drafting / design deliverables, which can become an opportunity to upskill a cadet in the engineering sector.

By engaging Redrawn your company can:

  • Save time on projects. Redrawn can independently progress and check deliverables, providing your organisation a completed solution.
  • Engage in Social Procurement. Redrawn’s work is externally certified to benefit the community.
  • Know that your project has helped to develop the career of someone who has had barriers to participation.
  • Importantly, one of Redrawn’s cadets had an opportunity to learn new skills. It truly is a win-win.
  • Additionally, engaging Redrawn provides your organisation an avenue to demonstrate inclusion KPIs. Redrawn will provide an invoice indicating how many hours your business has supported a Redrawn employee.

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