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Redrawn staff have decades of experience across most heavy industrial applications

Expertise and Capability!

The Redrawn team is experienced in completing projects from start to finish. We can take projects from Concept Design, through Preliminary Design, Detailed Design, Issued For Construction (IFC), Procurement, Fabrication, Acceptance Testing and Site Commissioning. We relish in seeing our designs through to a completed, commissioned, working system on site ready for handover to the client. 

Note: some of the capability links below are still being populated with example projects. If you have a specific capability question then feel free to email us. 

Featured Capability

Redrawn has industry leading expertise in hydrogen, ammonia, methanol and biomethane design and commissioning. 

Power Generation

Open cycle gas turbines, closed cycle steam cycles, microturbines, reciprocating equipment. We have experience across all types of power generation.

Redrawn has extensive experience in achieving hazardous area compliance for flammable gases and liquids in accordance with the AS60079 series of standards.

With over a decade of experience, Redrawn engineers are familiar with most Australian Standards. We specialise in international standard compliance assessment.

Design and Drafting

Redrawn has Multi-Discipline drafting services available in-house, we expect we can help most heavy industrial customers deliver their projects. 

Digital Twins

Redrawn has experience creating smart Piping & Instrument Diagrams, linked to a Digital Twin database.

Component Design

Redrawn has designed many individual, new, 3D components for clients in AutoCAD Inventor. Both for the manufacturing and heavy industrial sectors.

3D Models

Redrawn has produced countless 3D models of heavy industrial facilities, including; structural, mechanical, electronics assembly and components such as pipes, vessels, cable trenches etc. 

Project Engineering

Scope of Work

A decade of experience writing Scope of Work documents, to define the battery limits of your project and obtain accurate tender pricing. Both for engaging engineering consultants and installation contractors.


Our engineers are experienced in concept, preliminary and total installed cost estimate development. Resourcing and time estimation, as well as estimated or quoted equipment.

Project Management

Experience and knowledge in outcome focused project management. Defining project scope, tender evaluation, engagement contracts, schedule development, budget tracking, project risk management.

Lead Design Engineers

Redrawn directors have performed the lead engineer role for 20+ projects, coordinating multi-discipline engineering teams to design and deliver a variety of heavy industrial projects from concept to completion.

Mechanical Engineering

Pump sizing and specification is a core skill for the Redrawn team. With experience specifying pumps for liquids and slurries


Transmission of dangerous fluids in buried pipelines is vital for delivering renewable fuels to communities. The Redrawn team has extensive experience in designing pipeline systems and pigging facilities to the AS2885 suite of standards.


Redrawn has in-house, expert knowledge and experience applying engineering skills to minimize, manage and remediate corrosion.


With rotating equipment expertise in our toolkit, Redrawn is well placed to assist clients, select and integrate compression equipment into their design. The team has experience with reciprocating, screw, centrifugal and turbine compression facilities.

Vessel Design / Inspection

Redrawn has years of in house experience in high pressure vessel design. Additionally we have an Australian certified vessel inspector familiar with water, steam, gas and future fuel vessel inspections.

Waste Recovery

We are leading the way in finding new ways to introduce heavy industry to the circular economy. Pioneering use of alternative materials, Redrawn is well placed to support the waste recovery industry beyond designing the facilities themselves.

Process Engineering

Process Design

We are familiar with process design for power generation, minerals processing, future fuels, water, oil & gas and more. Process Flow Diagrams, Stream Tables, Piping & Instrument Diagrams.

Hazardous Classification

Experienced determining and documenting flammable and explosive hazardous area zones for process facilities to ensure Australian Standards compliance.  

Plume Dispersion

Our process engineers have plume dispersion modeling and simulation skills to determine how air pollutants disperse in ambient atmosphere.

PSV Sizing

Redrawn has in house process engineers capable of sizing Pressure Safety Valves (PSVs) to protect life and property by venting process fluid from an over pressurized vessel.

Electrical Engineering

From concept to construction. Technical Specifications, Single Line Diagrams, Maximum Load Calculations, General Arrangement Drawings, Floor Plans and Procurment Scopes of Work


Experienced designing power distribution switchboards and motor control canters. Both modular and rackable swithboards. Full Issue For Construction fabrication design and drawings.

LV Power Distribution

Turn key LV distribution board design, procurement, testing. Component selection, Single Line Diagrams,  fabrication drawings.

Battery Backup

Experienced in specification and integration of Uninterruptable Power Supplies (UPS) to ensure plant uptime and  availability. Including Maximum Demand Calculations,  and battery sizing.

Instrument & Control Engineering


Considerable instrumentation specification experience including material selections, process connections, instrument technologies, process measurement and control. 

Redrawn has extensive experience in achieving hazardous area compliance for flammable gases and liquids in accordance with the AS60079 series of standards.

Brownfield Upgrades

Decades of brownfield upgrade experience. Including, As Built site investigations, hardwired logic to PLC upgrades, greenfield integration, cutover scheduling, and coordinating.

Machine Guarding

Experienced in machine interlocks, emergency stop circuits, safety in design, machine guarding documentation and functional safety control system integration. 

Control Panel Design

Full turn key control panel design, procurement and testing. Process control and Motor control.  Component selection and fabrication drawings.  

Control Systems

Considerable experience in PLC and DCS control system design, procurement and testing. Including component selection and network integration.

Safety Control Systems

Experienced in full deign life cycle for Safety Control Systems. Including SIL certified systems, functional safety documentation, design and commissioning. 

EMI Protection

Experienced in control system design and testing to protect from Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) and radio frequencies.

Site Construction & Commissioning

Site Inspection

Broad experience conducting inspections for brownfield installation assessment, standard compliance, vessel inspection, electrical inspections, As Building. 

Site Supervision

Redrawn engineers have over a year of site supervision experience across multiple different projects. Coordinating ‘pre-start meetings’, OH&S compliance, Work Permits, scheduling, reporting etc. 

Acceptance Testing

Factory Acceptance Testing (FAT) and Site Acceptance Testing (SAT). Experience developing and executing testing plans to ensure standard compliance and scope function compliance.

Site Commissioning

Extensive experience developing commissioning plans, as well as schedules, and testing records. Proven experience coordinating and executing site commissioning.

With Redrawn you can achieve engineering design
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