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2023 - BHP, As-building and CAD Conform

Redrawn has been supporting BHP to close-out some existing projects. 300 drawings required As-built changes to capture changes made to the design during construction and commissioning. These drawings also require CAD Conforming to match BHP’s drawing compliance requirements. Redrawn provided a fast and economic service to efficiently closeout this significant project and used this opportunity to upskill new staff to drafting in Microstation and AutoCAD.

Fast and economic service

2023 - Motherson, Manufacturing Design

Redrawn has been doing 3D modelling for SMR (part of the Motherson group). This design work is facilitating changes to the production line for the auto industry. The test and assembly stations will be used to make a new product line of lights for electric vehicles. This project has allowed Redrawn to demonstrate our proficiency in the design of manufacturing components.

Component design experience

2023 - Origin Energy, Turbine Lifting Beam Design

Origin Energy tasked Redrawn with designing a new specialised lifting beam to facilitate the expected maintenance of their gas turbines. Redrawn completed mechanical design, structural engineering and drafting works prior to fabrication. The beam was designed to lift both the compressor section and the turbine section of the rotor. 

In house mechanical design teams with sub-contracted structural engineering

2023 - Hatch, Engineering Support

Redrawn has been providing Hatch Adelaide with multi-discipline engineering, design, and drafting support for their BHP projects for over one year. 6 Redrawn employees have contributed to detailed design across a host of engineering deliverables, including P&IDs, Basis of Design reports,  pipe stress analysis calculations, slurry pump sizing calculations, pipeline design, switchroom design, and 3D models.

Employing new cadets from all walks of life is helping to ‘Change the Face of Engineering’ by actioning real change in the industry.

Multi-discipline engineering, design, and drafting support

2023 - Digital Twinning Australia, 3D Plant Model

Digital Twinning Australia required a 3D model of an existing Concentrator Plant at a steel works facility. Redrawn re-modelled the plant based on 2D drawings  that consisted of thickeners, conveyors, a ball mill, platforms, tanks, pumps and chutes. This high level equipment model has allowed Digital Twinning Australia to represent the maintenance status of equipment visually throughout the plant using a smart software platform. The 3D model provides a interactive user interface for the end client to better understand and respond to their data.

2D Drawings converted to 3D Plant Model

2023 - City of Charles Sturt, Pump Sizing & Power Feeds

Redrawn completed concept design for the Gleneagles Reserve Irrigation Supply Upgrade Project.

Redrawn engineers produced Piping & Instrument Diagrams (P&IDs) for a new groundwater well pump system. Redrawn Process engineers completed a Concept Design Report, assessing the feasibly of using and treating the groundwater. Redrawn Mechanical engineers specified pumps, valves and pipes. Redrawn Electrical engineers designed a switchboard to house LV power distribution and Variable Speed Drives. 

Multi-Discipline Engineering Concept Design

2023 - BHP, Switchboard & Switchroom Design

Redrawn provided a Lead Electrical, Instrument and Controls engineer on secondment to support the detailed design of a switchboard and switchroom for a BHP Olympic Dam project.
James Chervatin completed Technical Specifications, Single Line Diagrams, Maximum Load Calculations, General Arrangement Drawings, Floor Plans and Procurment Scopes of Work for the switchboard and switchroom. Additionally, James completed tender documents for two 11kV/400V transformers.

LV Electrical and Controls Engineering

2023 - H2U, Future Fuels and Carbon Neutral Industry

Redrawn has been collaborating with H2U, The Hydrogen Utility to develop green hydrogen and green ammonia projects across Australia. These projects have significant export scale and will be world class assets leading the energy transition forward. By utilising our existing hydrogen and heavy industrial expertise, Redrawn is helping to establish infrastructure that will support a decarbonised future for the global community.

Expert support for an emerging hydrogen supply chain

2022- Hatch, Thickener Upgrade Concept

Redrawn assisted a major mining customer to consider and documents options for a potential thickener upgrade project targeted to improve waste recovery practices and reduce the environmental impact of their operations. Redrawn prepared a 3D model for the preferred option in a congested area of their existing facility to demonstrate both the space constraints and layout the major equipment items to support an efficient detailed design process.

Producing 3D models to understand space constraints

2022 - Pumped Hydro-electric

Redrawn has supported the development of a concept design for a pumped hydro-electric project in South Australia. The surface modelling and development of rendered images will be used to engage project stakeholders including traditional owners, government, council, land owners and project partners.

Modelling surfaces helped to estimate hydro storage capacity

2022 - Hatch, Stress Analysis and Piping Design

Redrawn recently helped with the design of a piping upgrade to allow a heavy industrial customer to pre-heat combustion air entering their furnace. Using Caesar II software to simulate thermal expansion at 150C, the Redrawn team could assess the integrity of proposed piping design before completing the detailed design drawings. This was a great opportunity for Redrawn to demonstrate some complex design skills and their input yielded with some cost effective design solutions.

This was a fast paced project which went from concept through to Issued for Construction (IFC)

2022 - Kerb and Driveway Standard Drawings

The City of Unley engaged Redrawn to update their suite of standard detail drawings. Their existing suite was out of date, compared to other local councils and The City of Unley saw the value in someone from outside the engineering sector reviewing and updating the drawings. 

“These will be downloaded by everyday people and need to be understood by non-technical people.”

This work was perfectly suited for new staff to learn AutoCAD

2022 - Pool Pump Room Lighting and Earthing

Redrawn assisted a Western Australian electrician to develop a lighting design for a new pump room proposed to be installed at a FIFO camp. This drawing will be used to support a development approval.

“I’ll be using you again for sure.”

The client was satisfied with the technical advice and quality of the drawings produced

Redrawn has completed over 30 projects and numerous engineering secondments to date (Nov 2023). 

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