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Process | Mechanical | Pipeline | Electrical | Instrumentation | Control Systems

Redrawn works predominantly in the heavy industrial sector, with 14+ years of experience in:  Hydrogen,  Mining,  Minerals Processing,  Water,  Power Generation,  Oil & Gas.

We upskill people by pairing experienced industrial engineers with people from under-represented groups  to teach them drafting and project management skills.

Our drafters are experienced working on heavy industrial projects with AutoCAD, MicroStation, Smart Plant and a host of other drafting platforms.


The team at Redrawn find purpose in creating a safe space for people to learn new skills. Using coaching leadership, we develop people from under-represented minority groups to effectively support the energy transition. We’re introducing the engineering industry to the talent it needs to enact change, both demographic and renewable. 

Redrawn is an engineering, drafting, and design consultancy. We have in house capability to perform process, mechanical, electrical, instrumentation and controls engineering design. We produce engineering drawings for the energy and industrial sector and use each drawing as an opportunity to teach skills to our team. 

By teaching drafting, project management and technical engineering skills we can improve participation within the engineering industry. Redrawn is using on the job experience in consulting to change lives.

Social Impact

Redrawn is already having a positive impact on the engineering sector by fostering new talent.

  • 60% of Redrawn staff identify as women in STEM.
  • 33% of Redrawn management identify as women.
  • 30% of Redrawn staff have a diagnosed disability.
  • ~5% of Redrawn’s revenue is spent in the aboriginal community.
  • Redrawn’s work is externally certified to benefit the community, by Social Traders.
Our Services

We use engineering deliverables to train the consulting leaders of the future.


From simple concept diagrams to complex 3D modelling, we can do it.

Multi-discipline Engineering

Our early career professionals are supported and supervised by qualified and experienced engineers (12 years +).

Demonstrating Inclusion

The industry needs to change and we are tooling up the people who will change it. Hire us, because one day you will want to hire one of our people into your business. Help us get them ready for you.

Progressing diversity and inclusion in engineering requires action. Work with us to make it happen.

Our Contributions

Industries We Serve

Redrawn has industry leading expertise in hydrogen, ammonia, methanol and biomethane design and commissioning. 

Open cycle gas turbines, closed cycle steam cycles, microturbines, reciprocating equipment. We have experience across all types of power generation.

Minerals are critical to the global energy transition and Redrawn is well placed to support mining system upgrades, maintenance or new mine developments.

Redrawn has extensive experience completing detailed design projects for Lead, Copper and Steel mineral processing facilities and smelters.

Redrawn staff have a decade of knowledge and experience completing upgrade projects for Water and Waste Water Treatment Plants. Particularly, with pump sizing, pipeline design, electrical, instrumentation and control system upgrades.

Redrawn engineers are experienced in all facets of design for the oil & gas industry having completed projects in remote production facilities, through urban gas regulating stations to gas and oil fired power generators. 

Redrawn has completed many projects to support manufacturing and fabrication. We can model new components in inventor, design pressure vessels, specify pipe designs ready for welding and perform Factory Acceptance Testing.

We are leading the way in finding new ways to introduce heavy industry to the circular economy. Pioneering use of alternative materials, Redrawn is well placed to support the waste recovery industry beyond designing the facilities themselves.

Want to help us change the industry and get your job done?