From concept to construction. Redrawn electrical engineers have the experience and knowledge required to design a switchroom.

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Key Skills:

  • Design:
    • Technical Specifications
    • Material Specifications
    • Floor Plans
    • General Arrangement Drawings
    • Fire Suppression Systems
  • Procurement:
    • Tender Scopes of Work
    • Tender  evaluation
  • Internal Components:
    • LV Switchboard Design
    • Motor Control Centre Design
    • Variable Speed Drive Specification
    • Control System Design
    • Maximum Demand Calculations
    • Single Line Diagrams
    • Cable Support Systems


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BHP, Switchboard & Switchroom Design

Redrawn provided a Lead Electrical, Instrument and Controls engineer on secondment to support the detailed design of a switchboard and switchroom for a BHP Olympic Dam project.
James Chervatin completed Technical Specifications, Single Line Diagrams, Maximum Load Calculations, General Arrangement Drawings, Floor Plans and Procurment Scopes of Work for the switchboard and switchroom. Additionally, James completed tender documents for two 11kV/400V transformers.

LV Electrical and Controls Engineering

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Port Pirie, Switchroom Fire Suppression System Upgrade

Nyrstar upgraded the fire suppression systems in two switch rooms from CO2 gas to Aragonite to remove the risk of suffocation. James was responsible for coordinating pressure testing in the switch rooms to identify leaking penetrations, producing the scope of work document for their remediation, supervising the remediation works, supervising the system upgrade works and commissioning of the new systems.

Fire Suppression Testing & Commissioning

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SA Water, Bolivar WWTP, Hazardous Area Ventilation

A new gas detection and ventilation system was installed throughout hazardous area galleries at the Bolivar Wastewater Treatment Plant for the purpose of detecting and dissipating gas leaks. James carried out the detailed electrical design of a Motor Control Centre (MCC) to control each of the nineteen ventilation fans and sixteen gas detectors in the system. He was heavily involved in the factory acceptance testing and commissioning of the MCC. Additionally, he spent two months at the Bolivar WWTP in the role of construction site supervision where he managed the installation and commissioning of the final system.

Direct Online Motor Control Centre

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APA, Orbost Gas Plant, Sole Gas Development Project

APA upgraded the Orbost Gas Plant to process gas supplied from the subsea SOLE gas field. As part of the upgrade new gas generators, switchboards and plant equipment were installed. James was responsible for the design and procurement of a Power Management System to monitor all plant loads, provide circuit breaker control and perform load shedding of ‘non-essential’ plant loads if required. James specified all panel components, designed the control system, specified the PLC logic and produced a functional description document. Additionally, James conducted the testing and commissioning of the Power Management System.

Motor Power Monitoring and Load Shedding Design

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