Impact Stories

Redrawn is demonstrating that inclusion is possible in the engineering sector

Kim Tang - Design Drafter

Kim is hearing-impaired and his language is Auslan. Kim has taught the team Auslan while he learnt to design and draft at Redrawn. Kim studied IT at TAFE before joining Redrawn on day 1 of opening in July 2022.

Kim was new to engineering and design for the heavy industrial sector. By working at Redrawn he has had exposure to many different projects and drafting platforms. Kim is an excellent problem solver who is calm and collected. He has a great deal of initiative and is engaged in his work.

Redrawn provided Kim an opportunity to apply his skills in STEM, now he is proficient in AutoCAD, MicroStation, Smart Plant, Plant 3D and Inventor. Kim chose to demonstrate what the engineering sector can achieve when people take the time to teach others.

Viktoriia Petrenko - Draftsperson

Viktoriia is a CAD drafter with a work history in project management as part of the Ukrainian steel industry. She has skills in AutoCAD 2D and Plant 3D Autodesk packages.

Her project exposure has provided her with experience in civil, process, and mechanical drafting. Viktoriia is proficient in 2D drafting, specifically electrical drawings and P&IDs.

Since arriving in Adelaide in April, Viktoriia has been studying English intensively with a good language proficiency. She is now seeking to support clients with drafting services and put her project management skills to good use.

Martha Hackshaw - Regional Manager (WA)

Martha has a degree in Chemical and Process Engineering and has worked as a Petroleum Engineer for the past 12 years.

Social justice is fundamental to Martha, and she was planning on leaving the engineering industry due to its lack of genuine commitment to diversity and inclusion. Martha is heartened by Redrawn’s purpose and mission and is committed to changing the face of engineering.

Martha also suffers from chronic illness and isn’t able to work fulltime. She sees that a lot of talented individuals are lost from the workforce due to a lack of true flexibility in many workplaces. Redrawn is committed to tailoring work around an individual’s needs, meaning that people like Martha can continue to contribute their knowledge and skills.

Martha’s goal is to expand our Perth team to provide a premium engineering, design and drafting service for WA companies who are as passionate about supporting diversity and inclusion as we are.

Cinthia Lorena Rios Alvarado - Industrial Engineer

Lorena has an Industrial Engineering degree from Universidad Nacional de Salta in Argentina! Lorena arrived in Perth 3 years ago and had been working in hospitality and agriculture before joining Redrawn! 

Finding Lorena is meaningful for Redrawn because it demonstrates there are women with engineering degrees looking to participate in the industry. By re-thinking how we recognise international degrees in Australia the engineering industry can support migrants to participate sooner.

Lorena has now completed 1 year of drafting hundreds of P&ID revisions in MicroStation and BHP CADConfrorm. As well as 3D models of tanks, piping electrical trenching, cable ladders and switchrooms.

Josh Thompson - Senior Process Engineer

Josh has a degree in Chemical and Process Engineering and has over seven years’ engineering experience, including five years as a process design engineer in a technical consulting role. He brings his technical design experience in the oil and gas and future fuels industries to Redrawn.

Following a period of burnout, Josh was diagnosed as neurodivergent. After reflecting on the mechanisms of the corporate world, and how they are not inclusive of burnout, neurodivergence, and health issues in general, Josh had decided to leave the engineering industry. He was heartened to learn about Redrawn and their purpose of creating a work environment where people of diverse backgrounds can flourish.

Josh is excited to explore his true potential in an accepting and supportive environment by bringing his authentic self to the office every day. He hopes to not only inspire others to do the same, but to demonstrate that the industry can effectively deliver whilst better meeting the needs of the individual.

Tanya Lenyk - Micro Electronics Engineer

Tanya Lenyk is the most qualified person in our business with a Bachelor in Electronic Engineering and a Masters in Micro and Nano Electronics. She arrived in Adelaide from Ukraine in April 2022 and has been perfecting her English skills since. Tanya was volunteering in a cafe before hearing she could utilise her engineering degree at Redrawn. 

Tanya fits really well into our team having some self-taught AutoCAD skills and a strong drive for learning and helping others to learn. Tanya has now completed 1 year of drafting hundreds of P&ID revisions in MicroStation and BHP CADConfrorm. As well as 3D models of tanks, piping electrical trenching, cable ladders and switchrooms.

Nadeesha Gamage - Senior Electrical Engineer

Nadeesha is a qualified Electrical Engineer with 15 years of power transmission experience in Sri Lanka. Her experience includes power systems, power distribution, energy management and procurement in the power utility industry. Since arriving in Australia in April 2023, she has missed the purpose she gained from helping to develop communities in Sri Lanka. Now she feels enthusiastic to work with Redrawn, where she can learn and grow, where she feels inclusive and belonging.

Nadeesha is a mother of three little kids and enjoys every bit of them, even she’s pretty tired at the end of each and every day.

Redrawn is introducing new, diverse cadets to the engineering sector.

If you or your colleagues are keen to see what our team can do, please reach out.

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