Support from City of Unley

The City of Unley can see the vision and want to change the face of engineering. 

Their asset management team engaged Redrawn to update their suite of standard detail drawings. Not only is this work was perfectly suited to someone who is learning AutoCAD but there was a beautifully inclusive twist that made this project award extra special. 

Russell King from The City of Unley saw the value in someone from outside the engineering sector reviewing and updating the drawings. “These will be downloaded by everyday people and need to be understood by non-technical people. Having someone new to the engineering industry look over the drawings and interpret them provides an additional benefit beyond simply executing the work.”

Including other perspectives can yield additional benefits. We congratulate Russell and The City of Unley team for considering their target audience in this way and being practical in addressing their needs. Sounds like Kim Tang has all the skills they need.

The Redrawn team is thrilled to be working with The City of Unley, Russell King and Alex Molloy to complete this task. We thank them for putting their trust in us to complete this work.