What a difference collaboration can make!

Redrawn would like to acknowledge the support provided by Hatch as we aim to change the face of engineering. Over the past 6 months, Hatch and Redrawn have cultivated a mutually beneficial sharing of skills and opportunities to benefit others.

Hatch have gained some expanded technical capability and additional local resources. This is helping them to grow in a more diverse and inclusive way. Hatch are observing some out-of-the-box thinking for recruitment that could improve their talent acquisition options in other locations too. Redrawn has helped to avoid some significant projects from being deferred into next year or being sent offshore.

The Redrawn team has had the opportunity to meet and interact with some wonderful and technically capable professionals at Hatch. They have provided some very exciting and challenging work that helped Redrawn get off to a safe start financially. By sharing their resourcing challenges and needs, Hatch opened opportunities for two migrants with engineering degrees diverting them away from other industries. Working with Hatch has strengthened Redrawn’s capabilities using Microstation and has allowed the whole Redrawn team to up skill. Most recently, Hatch have offered us short-term accommodation in the city. When Hatch moved, they offered Redrawn to stay in their unused office space until the end of the lease. This has allowed Redrawn to continue to grow and have a greater impact.

The rewards have far exceeded any of the costs. We appreciate the collaborative relationship that has emerged and look forward with excitement to what both organisations can achieve together.

Hatch and Redrawn are setting an example for how non-competitive collaboration can change lives and change the industry. By providing a safe space to learn new skills, we can change the face of engineering.


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