Manufacturing Industry

Redrawn has been completing design work for the local manufacturing industry! We have been collaborating with an automotive parts manufacturer called Motherson Group to design ‘test and assembly nests’ for their Lonsdale smart factory.

Kim Tang and Eliza Watt have been using Autodesk Inventor 3D to model assemblies involved in the fabrication of new product lines. Motherson will be using smart manufacturing techniques such as laser cutting, and CNC milling to bring these Redrawn designs to life.

Thank you Motherson Australia (SMR & MEPL)Jacob Messenger, Rob Thomas and Joe Huang for providing Redrawn with the opportunity to take on design projects in the manufacturing industry and acquire new skills!

Photo Caption: Joe Huang (left), Eliza Watt (centre) and Kim Tang (right) standing behind a completed test nest.

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