Welcome Nadeesha

Redrawn welcomes Nadeesha Gamage to the team. Nadeesha is a High Voltage engineering specialist. She has a degree in Electrical Engineering and has worked in the Power Distribution Sector in Sri Lanka for the past 15 years.

As a HV engineer Nadeesha has been passionate about powering the unpowered. Since arriving in Australia in April, she has missed the purpose she gained from helping to develop communities in Sri Lanka. This passion is now being directed towards helping others participate in a fair energy transition in Australia.

Nadeesha brings new skills and knowledge that the Redrawn team will be sharing including network planning, line construction, transformer installation, maintenance, engineering procurement and project management.

If you are interested in working with Nadeesha and helping her upskill the next generation of HV professionals, then please get in touch.


Image caption: Nadeesha and James smiling in front of the nearest HV substation they could find.

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