1st Birthday

It is Redrawn‘s birthday today!

Most businesses don’t survive one year. What has been achieved at Redrawn is special beyond mere survival and is well worth celebrating. The dream of creating a business that seeks to improve equity within society while serving the community with untapped talent has emerged into a tangible reality. This has been a team effort from inside and out. Many have participated in helping this idea succeed. People have made some brave decisions and put their faith in others to grasp and share opportunities.

If you’ve helped us on our journey in any way; big, small or even with kind thoughts, thank you. There is much more to come, and we look forward to sharing a brighter future with you as we change the face of engineering. Every commitment or effort by staff, customers, partner organisations and those with wise words of encouragement is appreciated, they all add up.


Image caption: An info graphic summarising some of the noteworthy successes achieved by Redrawn in only 12 months of operating. It includes a photo of Redrawn’s first employee looking happy with a small cake with a single candle.

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