Welcome Joshua Thompson

Joshua Thompson has joined Redrawn as a process engineer!

Josh has a degree in Chemical and Process Engineering and has over seven years’ engineering experience, including five years as a process design engineer in a technical consulting role. He brings his technical design experience in the oil and gas and future fuels industries to the role.

Following a period of burnout, Josh was diagnosed as neurodivergent. After reflecting on the mechanisms of the corporate world, and how they are not inclusive of burnout, neurodivergence, and health issues in general, Josh had decided to leave the engineering industry. He was heartened to learn about Redrawn and their purpose of creating a work environment where people of diverse backgrounds can flourish.

Josh is excited to explore his true potential in an accepting and supportive environment by bringing his authentic self to the office every day. He hopes to not only inspire others to do the same, but to demonstrate that the industry can effectively deliver whilst better meeting the needs of the individual. 

Josh is a new member of the Redrawn team established in Perth, who are ready to take on drafting and engineering design work for the West Australian market. If you are interested in working with a company who are truly demonstrating inclusion and diversity, then please get in touch!

Photo caption: Josh and Martha pose with the Redrawn sign at the Adelaide office.

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