Internation Women in Engineering Day

Redrawn celebrated International Women in Engineering Day. We are committed to increasing the participation of women in the engineering industry. All women at Redrawn hold technical and/or management roles, with experience as engineers and drafters. These women have shared some of their work that they are proud of, which we are showcasing in the image below.

Many studies have been published over the years about how and why women’s participation in the engineering industry is low, with some including solutions to overcome the issues. And yet, we still struggle to see tangible changes being made in many corporations. Frustrated by this, we started Redrawn nearly 12 months ago, with the goal of providing the market with a social enterprise that is truly committed to boosting diversity and inclusion in the sector. We currently have nine employees, the majority of whom identify as female. We continue to look for like-minded individuals to join our team.

With offices in Adelaide and Perth, our Redrawn team are ready to help clients achieve their drafting and design goals. We look forward to having you join us on our journey!

Image caption: A collage of seven images from work our female employees are proud of. The images are mostly screenshots from drafting software showing items the employees have drafted. One image shows two engineers supporting each other through mentoring and coaching.


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