Social Certification

Redrawn has been certified as a Social Enterprise!

Over the past few months, Redrawn has been busily preparing an application to be recognised for the social good it is doing for the community. Last week, the team was successful in obtaining certification through Social Traders.

Social procurement is a great way for large organisations to create positive change in the community. Certification as a social enterprise will help business and government identify Redrawn as a supplier of professional engineering services that operates for social good. This certification provides third party (audited) assurance that Redrawn is delivering the impact intended. It demonstrates to our customers that Redrawn is walking the talk when it comes to inclusion.

We extend a big thanks to Amy Orange and the Social Traders team for supporting Redrawn with our application. We are keen to expand our client base to better share the employment opportunities of knowledge-based work with a wider pool of talent.

We look forward to working with companies prioritising social procurement to change the face of engineering.


Image caption: A certified social enterprise logo alongside some explanatory notes about what is required to become certified.

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